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Lancia returns with a new logo and an electric lineup

The Italian carmaker reveals its Pu+Ra design language

Are you a fan of this logo redesign? IMAGE FROM LANCIA

Among the grand old Italian names in the world of automobiles, Lancia has always taken a special place. Founded in Torino in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia and Claudio Fogolin, the firm is not only famous for its motorsport successLancia still holds more World Rally Manufacturers’ Championships than any other brandbut also has a great record of innovation and design.

The carmaker used a unibody chassis as early as 1922, and a five-speed gearbox as far back as 1948, and many of its cars are still known for their stunning design and performance. The D50A Formula 1 car, the Delta S4 Group B monster, and of course, the outrageous Stratos are unforgettable machines, but things have gotten quiet in recent years. Until now.

The Pu+Ra Zero looks more like a spaceship than an electric car. PHOTOS FROM LANCIA

Having mostly sold cars in Italy in recent timeswhere the only production model was the still-popular Ypsilon compact carLancia is now planning to return in a big way, and we just received a first glimpse of the brand’s future.

During a recent design day, the company revealed its new logo and design language, called Pu+Ra Zero, in the shape of a futuristic design concept that hints at three new models due to be released between 2024 and 2028.

The only part recognizable is the rear as it somewhat resembles the Lancia Stratos. PHOTOS FROM LANCIA

Looking a bit like a mixture between a spaceship and a computer mouse, the concept sculpture combines elements from past models with radical new shapes. The rear lights from the Stratos and the typical triangular front from recent models meet flowing lines and a circular space in the middle that would normally be the cabin.

If future production models look anywhere close to this, we’ll be in for a treat. The name of the design language (Pu+Ra) stands for Pure and Radical,” which seems to be an accurate description so far.

This is a radical departure from the current Lancia Ypsilon. PHOTOS FROM LANCIA

Lancia is also cooperating with Italian design house Cassina on its upcoming models, promising that the interiors of future cars will not only be luxurious, but as comfortable and welcoming as an Italian home. Sounds promising.

The first new car to be launched will be a new Ypsilon, followed by a new Delta and a new flagship model. It also seems as if not all of them will be electricat least not in the short term.

The press release talks about full electrification from 2028 onward, meaning there’s hope we may get some good-looking and great-sounding gas-guzzlers before that.

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