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Someone is reissuing the Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Based on donor units of the iconic car

‘This is how it all started,’ according to the enterprising Lancia enthusiast. INSTAGRAM POST BY EUGENIO AMOS

If the Enciclopedia Italiana had an entry for “Millionaire Gentleman Racer,” you would almost certainly find a picture of Eugenio Amos next to it. The 32-year-old Italian race car driver and businessman oozes the kind of confident elegance that seems to come naturally to people from this European region, and his Instagram account is filled with images that leave no doubt about the fact that his veins are filled with petrol instead of blood.

While he already calls an impressive car collection his own—which includes such gems as a Ferrari F40, a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR and a Porsche 911 GT2 RS—it seems his real and ultimate passion is for a brand that was formed over a century ago by friends Claudio Fogolin and Vincenzo Lancia. In particular, the legendary Lancia Delta HF Integrale has done it for Amos, and because the carmaker isn’t receiving the same kind of model-resurrecting love from parent company FCA  as sister firm Alfa Romeo does, he decided to do what any self-respecting Italian gentleman would do in this situation: build his own dream car.

There's nothing like a retro-styled car. INSTAGRAM POST BY EUGENIO AMOS

His undertaking has been compared to the way Singer Vehicle Design takes classic Porsches and modernizes them for our day and age, and his plan is to build a small series of cars—no more than 15 examples—that are built on existing Lancias but represent his interpretation of how a modern Delta Integrale should look and function. The donor cars will be standard Delta Integrale 16Vs, partially because they are much cheaper to obtain than the mythical Evoluzione models, and also because Amos wants to preserve the latter versions for generations to come. Nobody likes to be accused of cutting up iconic cars—especially not if you’re in Italy.

We think we just wet our fancy pants. INSTAGRAM POST BY EUGENIO AMOS

The renderings that have so far been released could lead you to believe that all Automobili Amos will do is to give the old cars a new coat of paint and some bodykit, but according to the Lancia-loving boss himself, they are in fact redesigning everything from scratch. Over 1,000 parts are said to be replaced in the pre-loved Deltas, with a hand-beaten aluminum body and a carbon-fiber front inspired by the Lancia Beta being part of the transformation. Engine and suspension will also be altered, with there being talk of an upgrade from the stock 210hp in the Evoluzione model to a sportier 330hp.

Classic lines updated for modern times. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY EUGENIO AMOS

Finally, the interior will also be overhauled, which is probably a necessity as the car is being turned from a five- to a three-door model. The whole project will be completed using Italian staff and suppliers, with the first car due to be finished soon. The first vehicle is said to be the show car and also the one that Amos wants to keep for himself, with potential buyers being invited to his house to learn all about the project and hopefully leaving a suitcase full of cash before departing. No price has been announced yet, but with all the manual labor going into each car, you’re probably talking Ferrari money here. Which doesn’t sound too bad, considering you get a car that is way rarer than anything Maranello offers right now.

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