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CALAX opens Silang-Aguinaldo Interchange

The stretch will be free of charge until further notice

Yes, it is now possible to go straight to Aguinaldo Highway from Laguna. PHOTO FROM MPTC

After numerous delays, MPCALA Holdings, the concessionaire for CALAX, has finally opened the Silang (Aguinaldo) Interchange, which is a 3.9km stretch that terminates at Aguinaldo Highway in Silang, Cavite.

This is a critical section for CALAX as it directly connects the South Luzon Expressway to the Aguinaldo Highway, providing seamless transfer to those journeying further to the southwest via Tagaytay to Batangas and back.

The stretch will currently be free of charge until further notice. PHOTO FROM MPTC

For those who currently take CALAX to Tagaytay and Batangas and exit at the Silang-East Interchange, this bypasses the inner and narrow barangays of Silang like Tibig and Munting Ilog. This will easily save you 10-15 minutes of travel time.

The Silang-Aguinaldo Interchange will also help service an additional 5,000 cars a day, decongesting Aguinaldo Highway and Silang of vehicles simply passing through and diverting them to the highway for faster travel time.

The additional 3.9km stretch will remain free for now for users until further notice. Motorists will only be charged up until the Silang East Interchange if coming from any of the previous tollgates.

This is what the completed CALAX will eventually connect. GRAPHIC FROM MPTC

In the near future, CALAX, built under the public-private partnership scheme, will further expand to a total of 45km by 2024 and will feature a total of eight interchanges:

  • Laguna Technopark in Mamplasan
  • Laguna Boulevard
  • Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road
  • Silang East
  • Silang (Aguinaldo)
  • Governor’s Drive
  • Open Canal
  • Kawit Interchange

Eventually, CALAX will connect to the Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX) in Kawit, seamlessly linking the key regions for faster, more convenient, more efficient, and more enjoyable travel down south.

MPCALA believes that the CALAX Expressway will greatly benefit real estate values, tourism, and local businesses in Cavite and beyond, providing an integral link to Metro Manila and the rest of Calabarzon.

Perfect route for a fun drive, don’t you think?

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