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Omoda previews its future compact crossover in Wuhu

The 7 will make sure to capture the youth crowd

You won't find a Chery equivalent of this crossover (for now). PHOTO BY JUSTIN YOUNG

Outside of Auto China 2024, Omoda was cooking a launch for its new compact crossover at its home court in Wuhu. In a flashy, sci-fi-themed presentation, the Chery sub-brand for the youth debuted its new crossover, the 7.

Do you like the design? PHOTOS BY JUSTIN YOUNG AND OMODA

Unveiled at the Wuhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, the 7 is the marque’s first in-house model since the 5 was first badged as a Chery. Unlike its small sibling, the new compact crossover carries an X-shape design inspired by shark noses and high fashion (and not by a certain Japanese luxury brand).

This claim doesn't consider traffic and road conditions, but puts the car's 'ultra-long' range into perspective. PHOTOS BY JUSTIN YOUNG AND OMODA

It will be powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine paired with an electric motor producing a combined 154hp and 220Nm. With its one-speed dedicated hybrid transmission, Omoda said that its expected range would be 1,200km visualized in the conference as a trip from Frankfurt to Rome.

Sony knows a thing or two about impeccable sound quality. PHOTOS BY JUSTIN YOUNG

The Omoda 7 has a sleek, futuristic dashboard emphasized on the gaming-inspired seats and a 15.6-inch infotainment screen that is said to slide between the middle and the passenger sides. The 14-speaker system from Sony allows for a concert hall-like surround sound, while the four-zone microphone system picks up any passengers’ requests to the voice-activated assistant.

The Omoda 7 shared the same stage as the six-seater Jaecoo 8. PHOTO FROM OMODA

The Omoda 7 is set to roll out in the European, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian markets by early 2025. Omoda touts itself as a brand that listens to its consumers, and it has lately been addressing those criticisms in this new crossover directly. Now, the question is: When exactly is the youthful brand formally entering the Philippine market?

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