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2024 Isuzu Mu-X has new toys

Including an around-view monitor and a digital video recorder

Can the Isuzu Mu-X still slug it out with more stylish rivals? PHOTO FROM ISUZU

If we’re honest about it, Isuzu’s vehicles are not the most glamorous on the market. You will hardly read its brand name topping short lists of car buyers. But we know this: Isuzu is damn tough and dependable. Assuming a consumer’s requirements are not about a vehicle’s stature in popularity contests, we will almost always bet on this Japanese automaker’s products.

Like the Mu-X. For 2024, Isuzu Philippines Corporation is adding a few toys to the midsize SUV to make it more attractive to shoppers in its segment.

How do you like the addition of an around-view monitor and a digital video recorder? PHOTOS FROM ISUZU

First, there’s the around-view monitor that gives the driver a 360° perspective of the surroundings. In a country known for superheavy traffic, this gadget is a useful tool to have if you want to make it through the day unscathed.

Second, there’s the digital video recorder, also known as the dashcam. Because our republic is also home to criminal-minded pedestrians, we will never advise that you leave home without this simple tech.

These may be a little too late for techies, but wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and a charging tray are always welcome. PHOTOS FROM ISUZU

Finally, the Mu-X now has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity—a perfect pairing for the SUV’s 10.1-inch infotainment system. The Isuzu also gets a charging tray for your smartphone.

Are these add-ons enough to make the Isuzu Mu-X relevant in an extremely competitive period for pickup-based sport-utility vehicles? That’s for you to answer. Which an actual visit to a dealership should be able to address.

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