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Hyundai has a new design concept for future cars

As presented in a new concept vehicle called Le Fil Rouge

Let's give credit to whom credit is due. This is a nice-looking design concept, period. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

While many other automakers are busy unveiling their electrification plans for the near future, Hyundai is shining its spotlight on a stylish concept car that highlights the brand’s next design direction rather than its powertrain blueprint for tomorrow.

The Korean car company has presented the Le Fil Rouge concept at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show, using it to introduce the brand’s “Sensuous Sportiness” design theme. Hyundai says the name means “common thread” in English, but an online translator we use indicates it really means “the red wire.” Whatever.

This dynamic design theme should look good on a sedan, a coupe or a low-slung crossover. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

Apparently, this concept car is a reinterpretation of the Hyundai Coupe Concept from as far back as 1974, according to Hyundai Design Center head Luc Donckerwolke. “Building on our long history of creating distinctive and sporty character in vehicles, we will open a new era for Hyundai design,” he declares in a press statement.

This wheel design will never make it to a production car, but is still a refreshing styling exercise. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

Meanwhile, Hyundai Styling head SangYup Lee has this to say: “Our goal is to build a beloved brand by creating vehicles with heightened emotional value to reshape the landscape of car design. This is the foundation of our concept.”

“The goal of this new theme is to bring instinctive beauty, creating emotional value and desirability in Hyundai vehicles,” the press statement adds. “The design mission is defined by the harmony between four fundamental elements: proportion, architecture, styling and technology.”

There's almost an Aston Martin vibe going on here. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

In referring to the Le Fil Rouge, Hyundai also talks about a new approach called “Light Architecture,” which supposedly results in a dynamic appearance and a forward-motion effect. They achieved this by seamlessly blending the front and rear pillars with the roof—“as though the car is drawn with a single line.”

Again, this is just too sci-fi to make it to the production floor. But it's impressive just the same. PHOTOS FROM HYUNDAI

Hyundai reveals that this new design language will be seen in its future range of vehicles—from sedans to sport-utes. Based on what we see here, the company’s upcoming models should be exciting products to look forward to. What do you think?

Vernon B. Sarne

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