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Even the Jeep Wrangler now has a plug-in hybrid version

The 4xe can be driven in EV mode for up to 50km

The 4xe brings hybrid tech to the Wrangler range for the first time. PHOTO FROM JEEP

Love it or hate it, but every brand is going to end up electrifying your favorite cars. With electrified SUVs like the GMC Hummer EV becoming increasingly appealing, Jeep thought that it was wise to cash in on that demand and make an plug-in hybrid version of its popular Wrangler off-roader. It’s called the 4xe.

The Wrangler 4xe isn’t a pure EV, though. Under the hood is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. This works in tandem with a 17.3kWh battery pack and two electric motors. Combined output is 380hp, with the 4xe having the ability to be driven on pure battery power for up to 50km.

The gasoline-electric combo under the hood is good for 380hp. PHOTO FROM JEEP

With rising demand for electrified vehicles, select European countries will be getting the Wrangler 4xe ahead of the US market. The special “First Edition” variant retails for €71,700 (P4,195,000) in France, which is obviously not cheap. But it does come loaded as customers who preorder their vehicles will get several complementary add-ons like an extended five-year warranty and a home charger.

Standard features specific to the Wrangler 4xe First Edition include special interior and exterior accents, 18-inch wheels, a 4xe-specific spare tire cover, and an 8.4-inch Uconnect infotainment system. It appears that the US will not get this special version, with the “High Altitude” trim level being the most expensive, according to the configurator site.

European markets will get first dibs on the Wrangler 4xe. PHOTO FROM JEEP

With the Jeep Wrangler finally making the plug-in hybrid plunge, it will be interesting to see how the 4xe’s off-road performance stacks up against versions powered by pure gasoline or diesel.

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