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Meet the all-female Indian motorbike squad

They can ride as well as anyone...and will kick your butt

Guys, they're not doing this for publicity. They can beat the crap out of criminals. PHOTO FROM DCP SOUTH DELHI

Look around Metro Manila and you’re bound to notice that most motorbike-riding law enforcement personnel are men. From the MMDA to the PNP, the majority of motorcycle riders with red and blue lights are male, even as many of the citizens they are tasked to look after are not. Maybe local authorities here in the Philippines could take a look at India, where officials in the city of Delhi have just launched an all-female patrol squad.

Imagine the surprise among thugs when these officers take their helmets off. PHOTO FROM DCP SOUTH DELHI

This special unit of lady cops is equipped with modern and agile motorcycles, and its focus is to make other women feel safer while on the road or in public spaces, where the country has been grappling with increased numbers of offenses against female members of the public in recent years. This squad isn’t there just for show either. All members have received weapons training and are competent in hand-to-hand combat, meaning any perp trying to catcall girls will be in for a surprise.

Go ahead, punks. Make their day. Good luck. PHOTO FROM DCP SOUTH DELHI

The team uses Indian-built TVS Apache RTR and Bajaj Pulsar bikes that enable members to quickly negotiate the congested roads of the city. All officers have been trained in riding as well as maintaining the vehicles. Having female officers patrolling the road has real-world advantages, such as women being better at de-escalating situations and at dealing with other women and vulnerable victims, so the step taken by India’s second-biggest city certainly makes sense and is one that should probably be explored by Metro Manila authorities.

Frank Schuengel

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