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Bentley will now sell you a very expensive Ducati motorcycle

The Diavel for Bentley takes inspiration from the Batur

Meet the latest collaboration from Ducati, the Diavel for Bentley. PHOTO FROM BENTLEY

Bentley is best known for producing luxury cars that allow wealthy drivers to waft along in comfort and style. The idea of racing down a road on two wheels and carving through corners TT-style must feel pretty alien to this kind of clientele, but there are a few who might like this kind of thing.

That’s why Ducati and Bentley have teamed up to create a limited-run Diavel V4 that takes its inspiration from the super limited Bentley Batur. This two-wheeler will be slightly less rare than its four-wheeled inspiratio, but both vehicles have eye-watering price tags.

That's some seriously seductive bodywork. PHOTOS FROM BENTLEY

A total of 500 Diavel for Bentley motorbikes will be created by Ducati, plus an extra 50 called Ducati Diavel for Bentley Mulliner. The latter batch is reserved for Bentley Mulliner customers, and can be customized to the wishes of the buyer—just like the cars from Crewe’s coachbuilding department often are.

If you buy one of the normal 500, you’ll get the bike painted in Scarab Green. Get the Mulliner edition and you can pick whatever colors you want for the bodywork, the saddle, the brake calipers, and the wheels.

Can you see the resemblance? PHOTOS FROM BENTLEY

Both versions are designed to remind onlookers of the Bentley Batur and feature redesigned bodywork and wheels inspired by the brand’s most powerful production car yet. Looking at them side by side and in the same color scheme, you can see what the designers tried to do here and it kind of worked.

Whether you really need a motorbike to match your luxury coupe is another question, and presumably one for people who can afford both these creations.

It's not only beautiful, it's also stupid fast. PHOTOS FROM BENTLEY

We mortals can just look at them and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making them a reality. Under the pretty new skin of the Ducati sits the firm’s 1,158cc V4 Granturismo engine that churns out 168hp and should ensure that the bike moves like a Ducati is supposed to—with sufficient haste and a satisfying soundtrack.

Each Diavel for Bentley comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is delivered in a special wooden box, some of which we suspect may go unopened into various collections.

Will we expect more collaborations within the Volkswagen Group? PHOTO FROM BENTLEY

This isn’t the first time Ducati teamed up with a car brand. Previously, the Italians brought us the Diavel 1260 Lamborghini, a similarly limited and redesigned sports bike. Both projects are mainly possible due to all the brands involved belonging to the Volkswagen Group, making these collabs a bit of a family affair.

If you buy the Bentley version, you’ll also get access to matching riding gear that includes a jet helmet and a leather jacket.

The Diavel for Bentley can now be reserved from your favorite Ducati dealer, providing you write them a check for at least €58,000 (P3.46 million).

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