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Toyota proves that car shows are not just for enthusiasts

These are made for all brands to showcase the future of mobility

Toyota's booth at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show is one of the biggest. PHOTO BY HAZEL IMPERIAL-TAN

I am not a car geek. I leave that job to the lovable boys of VISOR.

But I appreciate cars. I drove a stick up until my left knee started complaining in 2010. Then in early 2018, I landed this gig in what would later turn out to be one of the best motoring mobility websites in the Philippines.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when I was nominated to be part of Toyota Motor Philippines’ media delegation to this year’s Japan Mobility Show. This is the first show since its last run under the name “Tokyo Motor Show,” back in 2019.

Even if it is the author's second time in Japan, everything feels brand-new because of all the technological advancements. PHOTOS BY HAZEL IMPERIAL-TAN

It’s my second time in Japan (my first visit was back in the late 90s), but it feels like the first timeonly better by a mile. On the other hand, it is my first time attending the Japan Mobility Show.

And this year’s show further proves that the Japan I experienced way back when I was still a pimply teenager, is a world away not only in multicultural openness and readiness and technological advancements, but it has also accelerated in its way of thinking beyond its borders, beyond its usual capacity.

From Tokyo to Japan, from motoring to mobility. Inclusive mobility and mobility that is for all.

Cool concept and production cars are displayed at the show. PHOTOS BY HAZEL IMPERIAL-TAN

And in this paradigm shift, Toyota, together with its luxury arm, Lexus, is the clear and proud front-runner at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show.

The carmaker bravely tackled the inconvenient truth about global warming and its global goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, and shared its end-to-end road map to help achieve this globally.

Toyota and Lexus do not just sell cars: They sell mobility solutions that think of everyonefrom a motorsports enthusiast to your grandmother having a hard time climbing in and out of a car. They empower each individual with the appropriate choice for their mobility needs.

Toyota took this a step further by showcasing various mobility options—even for outer space. PHOTOS BY HAZEL IMPERIAL-TAN

Not only do their booths display electrified cars, but these showcase mobility options that thoughtfully include the mobility needs of ordinary individuals (whether for personal or entrepreneurial needs).

Yes, that includes the whole lot of the world’s population that obviously are not all petrolheads.

Just have a look at what the two brands have on display and let us know if you can see yourselfor someone you knoweither using or needing any of the mobility solutions presented.

After all, relevance is the key to being on top in any business.

Hazel Imperial-Tan

Hazel is the marketing and sales director of VISOR. Prior to joining our team, she had spent a good number of years in brand management. She’s a doting mother to two boys who, perhaps by inevitable fate, happen to like cars a lot.