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Turkish firm produces first antimicrobial uniform for air crews

This could pave the way for clothing used by transport workers and other frontliners

Safe and stylish clothing for hardworking ground and cabin attentants. PHOTO FROM KEYVAN AVIATION

COVID-19 has impacted the aviation industry in a big way. Not only has this drastically reduced the number of people who fly, but those who still take to the skies have no choice but to adapt to a new way of doing things. One such change is with the uniforms worn by ground staff and flight crew. What used to be stylish outfits that artfully represented the airline company’s corporate colors have now been replaced with protective suits born out of necessity.

Turkish aviation services provider Keyvan Aviation, however, thinks that uniforms can be classy and provide protection from the coronavirus at the same time. Called “Safety Fashion”, the company claims that these outfits comply with air crew health bulletins issued by the World Health Organization, the International Air Transport Association, and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Even the matching accessories have antiviral characteristics. PHOTO FROM KEYVAN AVIATION

These uniforms are made from a special type of fabric consisting of 97% cotton and infused with silver ion, a commonly used topical antimicrobial agent used to treat burn wounds. Keyvan claims that the silver ion will make it difficult for bacteria and viruses to multiply. Not only are these uniforms said to be significantly more comfortable than a protective suit, the material keeps its antimicrobial properties even after being washed 100 times. Keyvan also makes matching accessories such as bags and shoes.

Keyvan’s antiviral uniforms are currently tailor-made for the aviation industry, but the public transport sector may also possibly adopt the technology soon. Bus and taxi drivers, train motormen, and station staff may soon be wearing these clothes in response to the new normal.

Antibacterial uniform by Keyvan Aviation

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