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Toll Regulatory Board approves higher NLEX toll fees

The provisional toll rate adjustment will take effect beginning June 15

Convenience does indeed come at a cost. PHOTO FROM NLEX CORPORATION

The country’s inflation rate may have eased for the past few months, but its effects have taken their toll on the prices of commodities and services—even the use of our toll roads. Last June 10, the Toll Regulatory Board approved NLEX Corporation’s petition for a toll rate hike.

Beginning June 15, there will be a P7 increase in the open system and P0.36/km in the closed system for Class 1 vehicles.

These tables show the prices that we have to pay for faster journeys to and from the north. IMAGES FROM TOLL REGULATORY BOARD

This means that Class 1 vehicles will now have to pay P69 to use the open system (Balintawak, Caloocan, Mindanao Avenue, Marilao, and Harbor Link). Meanwhile, Class 2 and 3 vehicles will now be charged P172 and P206, respectively.

On the other hand, those using the closed system (north of Marilao to Santa Ines, Mabalacat City) will pay an additional P26 for Class 1, P65 for Class 2, and P77 for Class 3. Finally, those who will use the entire NLEX end-to-end will have to cough up P33, P81, or P98 more for Class 1, 2, and 3 vehicles, respectively.

The TRB says that the rate increase is justified given NLEX Corporation’s continuous improvements done on the expressway. PHOTOS FROM NLEX CORPORATION

According to the TRB’s Facebook post, the agency allowed NLEX Corporation to collect the last tranche of the 2012 and 2014 periodic toll rate adjustments, and only half of the same for 2018 and 2020. The TRB did this to help shield the public from the effects of high inflation rates.

Additionally, the agency said the toll hike increase request is justified, given that NLEX has completed many improvements since 2018. It also said that allowing NLEX to increase toll rates will enable it to continue doing further improvement and expansion works.

Other improvements are in the pipeline like the Candaba Viaduct repairs and the construction of connector roads and additional lanes. PHOTOS FROM NLEX CORPORATION

These projects include the continuous rehabilitation of the Candaba Viaduct, NLEX’s connection to C5/Commonwealth Avenue from Mindanao Avenue, and the addition of lanes from San Fernando to Santa Ines, Pampanga.

Thankfully, NLEX has committed that the toll rate adjustment won’t cover public-utility jeeps under the Pasada Pass and Tsuper Card Discount and Rebate Programs.

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