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These 10 EMBO barangays are now free from number-coding

Taguig LGU made the announcement to prevent confusion

The difference in traffic rules can be quite confusing. SCREENSHOT FROM GOOGLE MAPS

The feud between the cities of Makati and Taguig still continues, and now it even spills over to the issue of traffic management. Until recently, the Enlisted Men’s Barrio (EMBO) barangays followed Makati City’s 7am7pm number-coding scheme.

Taguig City, on the other hand, doesn’t implement a number-coding scheme for most areas. And the few that do follow that of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (8am to 10am, and 5pm to 8pm).

Now that the 10 EMBOS are under Taguig’s jurisdiction, the following barangays are covered by the LGU’s No Number Coding policy:

  • Cembo
  • Comembo
  • East Rembo
  • Pembo
  • Pitogo
  • Post Proper Northside
  • Post Proper Southside
  • Rizal
  • South Cembo
  • West Rembo
Take note of these contact details in case you're apprehended for coding. SCREENSHOT FROM TAGUIG LGU

Taguig ended the advisory by reminding motorists that the LGU will not recognize violation tickets issued by unauthorized personnel. Also, the city encouraged motorists to report non-Taguig traffic enforcers “misrepresenting their authority or violating the no number-coding policy.”

Now, we don’t know if this has cleared the air or caused more confusion. In the meantime, you should keep this advisory in mind so you know what to do when you get flagged down for number-coding while driving in the above-mentioned areas.

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