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Expect early-morning transport of Metro Manila Subway tunnel boring machine to cause traffic

Avoid these roads at these times

This bad boy is the main ingredient for building our subway system. PHOTO FROM DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION

Going somewhere early in the morning this weekend?

You might want to plan your routes carefully as several major routes will be affected by the transportation of the Metro Manila Subway Project’s tunnel boring machine, taking place from 10pm to 4am on February 2 to 3, and 4 to 5.

The transport of the machine will be done in the early hours of the weekend to avoid congestion, but it will come from the Manila Harbor Center Port, and end on Doña Julia Vargas Avenue.

The route of the Tunnel Boring Machine transport. GRAPHIC FROM DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION

Here are the specific roads and times to take note of:

February 2-3

  • 5th Avenue (between 11pm to 12mn)
  • Araneta Avenue (between 1am to 2am)

February 4-5

  • Ortigas Avenue-C5 Road (between 2:30am to 3:30am)
  • Doña Julia Vargas Avenue (between 3:30am to 4am)

This machine will be used to construct the tunnels that connect the Ortigas Avenue, Shaw Boulevard, and Kalayaan Avenue Stations. This is just a small thing to bear with for a big step forward for our public transportation infrastructure.

Sam Surla

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