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Suzuki PH is 3rd best-selling automaker in first half of 2021

The Carry mini truck racked up the most sales

The little Carry scored big in the sales department. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Suzuki Philippines has shown rapid growth by selling a total of 9,987 units in the first half of 2021. A huge portion of that number came courtesy of the Carry mini truck (19.9%), the Ertiga MPV (19.6%) and the Dzire sedan (18.4%). Together, these three models made up more than half of Suzuki’s sales during the six-month period.

Below are the monthly sales of Suzuki from January to June this year:

  • January – 1,556
  • February – 1,513
  • March – 1,626
  • April – 1,695
  • May – 1,802
  • June – 1,795

While it’s interesting to see a humble utility truck edge out a family car in terms of sales, it isn’t surprising given that the Carry is a cost-effective and dependable tool for small- to medium-business owners.

In addition, things can only get better for the automaker. Suzuki ended 2020 with 15,515 cars driving out of its showrooms. The company has already dispatched more than half of that figure (64%, as a matter of fact) with six more months unaccounted for.

“Suzuki’s continued growth is a testament of our brand’s mission of expanding our reach for more people to experience what the Suzuki Way of Life is all about,” shares Suzuki Philippines vice president Keiichi Suzuki. “We shall continue in our pursuit of finding avenues to provide Filipinos with the best-quality driving experience that only Suzuki can provide.”

Customers can expect more promos like this month’s “Ride Your Dream,” where customers can get discounts of up to P90,000 on select models. Buyers can also look forward to the eventual return of physical showcases and events, and several new dealerships opening across the country.

Oh, in case you are wondering (since Suzuki is now third in the market), in first and second places are still Toyota and Mitsubishi.

Sam Surla

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