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The bZ3 is Toyota’s electric sedan from China

BYD and FAW Toyota were involved in its development

This electric sedan is no Prius. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Toyota is known for its hybrid electric vehicles, and it only began producing battery-electric vehicles (BEV) starting with the bZ4X. Now, the automotive giant has unveiled the second model in its bZ lineup, the bZ3. While the bZ4X was codeveloped with Subaru, Chinese companies BYD and FAW Toyota were involved in creating this fully electric sedan.

Toyota's bZ stands for ‘Beyond Zero’. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

The bZ3 will be powered by BYD’s lithium-ion LFP battery, with a maximum range of up to 600km, and will run on Toyota’s e-TNGA platform for BEVs. Toyota is also aiming for reduced battery degradation, meaning the battery should still have 90% capacity even after a decade of use.

The exterior was inspired by a hammerhead shark with a drag coefficient of 0.218. The long wheelbase of 2,880mm allows for a highly spacious cabin, in line with the development concept of “Family Lounge.” Not only should the car be a means of transportation, but also a space where people can enjoy spending time with each other.

Doesn’t this look like a comfy lounge? PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

As of now, there is no release date or pricing for the Toyota bZ3. But with the BEV being codeveloped with Chinese companies, we can expect it to come out first in the Middle Kingdom.

Leandro Mangubat

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