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The Suzuki Carry is a mini truck that carries a big load of stuff

Need transportation to take your business to places? Here you go

The Carry UV can transport passengers competently. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Light trucks are the workhorses of small- to medium-size enterprises. Designed for no-frills transportation, they fulfill the logistic needs of everyone from farmers to contractors, from restaurateurs to shopkeepers, and everything in between. Yet while entrepreneurs might understandably have a utilitarian view of these four-wheeled tools, the Suzuki Carry impresses with a roster of features that belie its compact size.

With an overall length of 4,195mm, the Carry is no longer than the average pickup truck, but it makes the most of its size with an exceptionally long bed. It’s 2,565mm long and 1,660mm wide, enabling the Carry to transport anything from more than a dozen bicycles to sofas, appliances and even two big bikes with ease. It has a low bed height of 750mm to make loading and unloading easy. These compact dimensions enable the Carry to fit into narrow streets and alleyways, as well as avoid higher toll fees and permits usually levied on larger trucks.

The pickup version is willing to do a lot of heavy lifting. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Meanwhile, the bed offers three-sided access with its side and rear gates folding down. No fewer than 22 rope hooks are strategically placed around the bed to facilitate securing your cargo. The rear of the cab has an angle post that prevents cargo from banging against the cabin and serves as another tie-down area.

With this much volume and a rated capacity of up to 940kg (including passengers), the little Suzuki can definitely carry its own weight in gold. Entrepreneurs who wish for a customized cargo area can also specify their needs with Suzuki, who can then equip it as a delivery van or shuttle, for example.

The cargo van will help your business go places. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

One such entrepreneur is Patrick Filart of ThirtySix-O Industries, who has utilized their Carry for transporting their equipment throughout the year. At the height of the pandemic when public transportation was severely restricted, they also used their Carry to bring their employees to and from work.

“I like the different configurations that it possibly came with depending on the need of your business,” he says. “You can customize how this Suzuki will be for you. I like the size of it in general and the ability to choose what it would come with and how it would be configured based on your needs.”

With this much volume and a rated capacity of up to 940kg (including passengers), the little Suzuki can definitely carry its own weight in gold

The heart of the Carry lies in its proven mechanicals. It’s equipped with a powerful yet fuel-efficient 1.5-liter gasoline engine rated at 95hp and 135Nm. A five-speed manual transmission provides reliable power delivery to the rear wheels. Its heavy-duty suspension consists of MacPherson struts up front, and a leaf-spring rigid rear-axle suspension. While it’s designed to perform at its best when carrying heavy loads, it’s also tuned to minimize harshness and rear-axle hop when the bed is empty.

One oft-overlooked aspect of light trucks is that they mostly see duty on less-than-ideal terrain. With this in mind, the Carry benefits from its short wheelbase with a ramp break-over angle of 21.6°, giving it enough clearance over most obstacles and bumpy roads. Furthermore, the front bumper and the headlamps are mounted high off the ground to minimize the risk of damage when driving over rough roads (such as stone chips and foliage).

In these times, commuters need vehicles like the Carry UV. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Creature comforts are typically a low priority among light trucks, and while the Carry isn’t meant to be as cushy as an MPV, it doesn’t mean you’ll be piloting a grocery cart. The cabin employs an ergonomically reasonable dashboard with a large speedometer and secondary controls placed prominently on the console for easy access. The driver’s seat has 105mm of fore/aft adjustment, giving you sufficient legroom for a comfortable driving position. The shift lever is placed on the dashboard in order to free up floor space, while the use of a handbrake instead of a traditional “umbrella-type” emergency brake further gives it a car-like feel. Standard air-conditioning (with heater) and a 1-DIN stereo provide much appreciated comfort and entertainment. Numerous compartments throughout the cabin offer plenty of convenience for bottles, documents and snacks. Finally, the Carry benefits from electric power steering and a tight minimum turning radius of just 4.4m.

Fancy entering the delivery or cargo-hauling business? PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

In fact, driving the Carry and using it for its purpose may be more fun than you would expect from a light truck. Finding a comfortable driving position is possible, and the drivetrain has plenty of grunt to keep up with fast-moving traffic even with a full load. The large and expansive glass areas of the windshield, the windows and the rear window eliminate the blind spots typical of light trucks, allowing you to place the Carry with precision on the road.

The suspension does the job very well, too. Whether fully loaded or light, the weight distribution is excellent and gives you the confidence to drive at a brisk pace. Finally, when it’s time to unload, folding down the gates is a cinch, and the low bed height does make unloading (or loading) that much easier.

With a base price of just P529,000, it’s no wonder that the Carry is fast winning over the hearts of many practical-minded buyers. It may be small, but it has a big heart and is the perfect companion for any entrepreneur.

This branded article was produced in partnership with Suzuki Philippines.


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