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In a pandemic, people are still buying Audi and Lamborghini cars

As shown by the brands’ robust sales performance in 2020

Audi sold 1,692,773 cars in 2020, just 8.3% fewer than 2019’s digits. PHOTO FROM AUDI

To state the obvious, the year 2020 wasn’t exactly the best time of our lives. Business was down, including the automotive industry. That’s what happens when establishments let go of their workers, and people lose their purchasing power. But for both Audi and Lamborghini, the two opulent car brands closed out the year with quite some remarkable results—with some even figuring high in the annals of the marques.

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The e-Tron registered a sales growth of 79.5% last year. PHOTO FROM AUDI

For Audi, it had its most successful quarter in its history, passing the half-million mark with 505,583 cars delivered to customers between October and December. Considering the challenging year, the German manufacturer still managed to deliver a total of 1,692,773 cars globally, 8.3% less compared to 2019’s figure of 1,845,573 units.

Some highlights for Audi:

• The region it had the best sales in 2020 consisted of China and Hong Kong, where it delivered a total of 727,358 cars, a 5.4% increase compared to 2019’s 690,083 units.

• The region it had the worst sales in 2020 was Europe, oddly enough, in which it delivered a total of 619,723 cars, a 19.5% decrease compared to 2019’s 769,585 units.

• The country where it had the worst sales in 2020 was Spain, with 37,284 cars sold, a 26.8% decrease compared to 2019’s 50,904 units.

• The e-Tron showed the biggest growth last year, with an astounding 79.5% (47,324 cars) increase in ownership. It was also one of the global top-selling EVs made by a German auto brand.

• The Q3 and the A6 were two of the company’s more popular cars last year, with an increase of 18.1% for the Q3 and 11.8% for the A6.

The Urus sold 4,391 units in all of 2020. PHOTO FROM LAMBORGHINI

As for Lamborghini, it set an all-time six-month sales record during the second half of the year. The company delivered 7,430 cars worldwide, a decrease of only 9% compared to the previous year. Partly to blame for this was the 70-day hard lockdown Italy went through during the first few months of the pandemic. Also, the health crisis didn’t stop Lamborghini from launching several new models, including the Huracán Evo RWD Coupe and Spyder, the Huracán STO, the Sián Roadster, the Essenza SCV12 and the SC20.

Some highlights for Lamborghini:

• The United States was its top market for 2020, in which it moved 2,224 cars, followed by Germany (607), mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau (604), Japan (600), the United Kingdom (517), and Italy (347).

• The Urus is its most successful car, with 4,391 cars being delivered in 2020. The Huracán sold 2,193 cars, and the Aventador made up the remaining 846 cars out of the 7,430 cars sold.

• During the hard lockdown, the brand converted some of its departments to producing masks and visors for the Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna.

Both Audi and Lamborghini are under the Volkswagen Group, sharing parts and platforms between them, but that didn’t stop them from posting impressive sales in a troublesome year.

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