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Ford can get you your car parts in a jiffy

It can even fulfill your order on the same day

The Ranger FX4 Max is too new to have problems. But if it does, Ford is ready. PHOTO BY MIGGI SOLIDUM

One frustrating facet of car ownership is waiting for parts to arrive. What makes it even more infuriating is that dealerships that should have known better don’t have your items in stock. Ford Philippines has probably had enough of dealing with the wrath of (understandably) impatient customers, and now has a bigger storeroom for spare components.

The automaker has a new facility that can store up to 30% more parts. This obviously allows it to fulfill customer orders more quickly, reducing the downtime resulting from vehicle repairs. The company even boasts having enough stock of components for new models like the Transit, the F-150, the Territory and the Ranger FX4 Max. There are even plans to turn the expanded warehouse into a supply hub for other ASEAN markets.

Aside from having more space for parts, Ford claims that it can respond to client requests more expeditiously. For outlets in Metro Manila and nearby locations, orders placed before 12pm (or noon, just to be clear) are eligible for same-day delivery.

Miggi Solidum

Professionally speaking, Miggi is a software engineering dude who happens to like cars a lot. And as an automotive enthusiast, he wants a platform from which he can share his motoring thoughts with fellow petrolheads. He pens the column ‘G-Force’.