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Ford PH to soon launch diesel-powered F-150 and all-new Explorer

Are you looking to purchase either one of these models?

Ford will really be launching the vehicles shown here. SCREENSHOT FROM FORD

We’ve featured several online portals that car companies are creating these days in light of the pandemic. Most of the time, the screenshots shared with us are just filled with random data so that the website might look functional. So, when Ford Philippines sent us a press release about a new feature on its official site that previews future vehicles, we thought that the F-150 and the Explorer on the attached screenshot were just for show.

However, they weren’t. The automaker truly is bringing in the oil-burning F-150 and the all-new Explorer to our shores.

Customers will appreciate the increased torque and fuel economy of the diesel F-150. PHOTO FROM FORD

Based on the photo on the page, the diesel F-150 is the 14th-generation model. Last year, the firm launched the 13th-generation model just days before unveiling its successor. According to Ford, the reason for that decision was the time it usually takes for any particular vehicle to be homologated for markets outside of the US.

The F-150 that is coming soon will be of the Lariat trim level. Obviously, the diesel engine will be the game-changer here—a 3.0-liter Power Stroke unit with 250hp and 597Nm. It is expected that this motor will offer far superior fuel economy than the V6 gasoline engine in use by other trucks.

The Philippine-spec Explorer will have a potent 300hp engine. PHOTO FROM FORD

Also worth looking forward to is the debut of the all-new Explorer in the country. While the vehicle has a rear-wheel-drive platform, Ford will be giving Philippine-spec units all-wheel drive and a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine with 300hp and 420Nm.

Oh, and before we forget, you can view Ford’s upcoming releases here. Information is very limited, but if you keep hitting the refresh button, you might see another model come up on the page.

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