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Former ‘habal-habal’ driver became one of Move It’s top riders last year

Placido Parallag Jr. was recognized by the moto-taxi company

Placido Parallag Jr. is 58 years old, and he is working hard to build a home for his family. PHOTO FROM MOVE IT

One of the challenges faced by the government is the regulation of public transit. While informal alternatives such as habal-habal exist, they do not provide protection for the passengers and the operators. That’s why Move It is going the extra mile with its “Habal-Habal to Legal” program.

Placido Parallag Jr. is a testament to this. A habal-habal rider for a decade, he joined Move It in 2019. And after years of service, he was recognized as one of the top Move It riders during the motorcycle-taxi company’s year-end festival in 2023.

According to Parallag, not only did his earnings double after joining Move It, but he also has peace of mind knowing that he and his passengers are covered by safety standards and legal regulations, as he is currently saving to build a home for his family in Tuguegarao.

“We are committed to helping the government in professionalizing habal-habal riders,” says Move It general manager Wayne Jacinto. “At Move It, we focus on providing livelihood that is safe, legal, trustworthy, and dependable for every moto-taxi rider whose only wish is to support their families.”

Leandro Mangubat

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