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2 Grab bikers recognized as ‘Padyak Champions’ at Mobility Awards

Congratulations to Sarah Francesca Aguja and Arnold Samiano De Luna

The Mobility Awards exists to make the Philippines more bicycle-friendly. PHOTO FROM MOBILITY AWARDS

The Mobility Awards is held to recognize LGUs, workplaces, establishments, and individuals that promote active transport in the country. One of the categories is known as “Padyak Champions,” and it is reserved for the most outstanding couriers. This year, Grab Philippines is honored to have two of its delivery partners secure the top two spots.

Aguja won a new bike as one of the prizes. PHOTO FROM GRAB

The winner is Sarah Francesca Aguja, who has been with Grab as early as 2019. At this point, we all know how poorly bikers are treated on the road—and things aren’t any easier for female cyclists. According to Aguja, although she experiences discrimination and abuse as a lady delivery-partner, her determination remains unfazed. And she continues to pedal to support her parents, and serve as an inspiration in a male-dominated industry.

De Luna is grateful for the support of the community of Grab cyclists. PHOTO FROM GRAB

Meanwhile, the runner-up is Arnold Samiano De Luna. Being a person with disability (PWD) isn’t easy due to the limited job opportunities available. De Luna joined Grab in 2020 during the pandemic as it provided him with a way to earn financially while allowing him to be flexible with his time. Despite having scoliosis, he was able to thrive thanks to the support of the cycling community of Grab.

Being a courier isn’t an easy task. And that’s why it’s important that we honor these modern-day heroes, who risk their lives riding under the sun while navigating through traffic, just to deliver our food and drinks to our doorstep in time.

Leandro Mangubat

Leandro is our staff writer. Although having a background in mechanical engineering, he enjoys photography and writing more.