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The Casio x Toyota Mudman collab embodies Team Land Cruiser

It’s significantly cheaper than a real Land Cruiser 300 (obviously)

A badass watch for an equally badass rally car. PHOTO FROM CASIO

When we talk about timepieces, the Casio G-Shock is the last thing to be mentioned when it comes to aesthetics. These do-it-all digital watches are unashamedly all about durability, which explains the extremely rugged designs that allow them to survive in the most punishing conditions.

Much like the Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body, which is famous for fielding a Toyota Land Cruiser in every Dakar Rally since 1995.

Enter the GW-9500TLC-1 (or the Mudman GW-9500), a special collaboration between the two entities for those who want Land Cruiser cred in one neat little package.

On the surface, it looks like a regular G-Shock. PHOTO FROM CASIO

The plated black stainless-steel body is encased in a bio-based resin. This owes to a girthy case size of 56.7mm long, 52.7mm wide, and 14.8mm thick. It’s shock-resistant and mud-resistant, and it has a water-resistance rating of 200m.

Being a G-Shock, it’s chock full of features with world time, solar charging, radio-control time and date adjustment, an alarm function, a stopwatch, a barometer, an altimeter, a thermometer, and a sunrise/sunset display.

These are all the special bits and bobs to expect from this watch. PHOTOS FROM CASIO

There’s not much in terms of limited-edition touches to the watch face (being a duplex LCD screen with a built-in compass display) other than the TLC team colors (blue, white, and red) found across the font, and the red TLC logo being present at the back of the display when illuminated.

The other touches that set it apart are the band with the mud-splatter design and the team logo, the TLC logo being engraved in the caseback, and of course, the limited-edition box with the TLC Land Cruiser.

The price of admission when it gets released? A cool P29,940. It’s on the pricey side for a G-Shock, but it’s pennies when compared to the cost of a rally-certified Land Cruiser 300. Order one at Casio’s website here.

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