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Seiko collaborates with Honda for these Civic Type R watches

Want a Type R that you can actually afford?

If you're a fan of these two brands, you have to get one of these watches. PHOTO FROM SEIKO

With the new Honda Civic Type R (FL5) just announced the other day, it’s only a matter of time before it reaches enthusiasts around the world. And what better way to celebrate counting down the days and the hours than by buying a timepiece directly inspired by the vehicle?

Enter the Seiko Astron x Civic Type R collaboration, which is a pair of solar chronographs that should be quite appealing to even gearheads who don’t care about the latest hot Civic.


The watch itself is a very familiar affair for a chronograph: two pushers, three subdials, and a tachymeter bezel. Nothing too weird or fancy here, save for the carbon-fiber textured dial. The titanium case has a diameter of 41mm and is 10.7mm thin, and comes in two finishes (black and silver).

For the car guy, no doubt. PHOTO FROM SEIKO

But what is nice is the set of Type R-inspired touches scattered around the watch. Aside from the Type R red accents on the crown, the dial, the subdials and the hands, you can also spot the letter ‘R’ on the crown and cheekily applied to the word “Tachymeter.”

Plus, if you opt for the silver SBXY045, the bezel is finished in the iconic Championship White color, while the SBXY047 is all black. Finally, the caseback has both the Type R and red Honda emblems inscribed at the back.

Some watches look more handsome with a different strap. This is one of those. PHOTO FROM SEIKO

If you don’t like the included 21mm bracelet, it comes with an extra strap made out of Ultrasuede, so you can get the feeling of a Civic Type R’s upholstery on your wrist.

Also, ticking underneath the sapphire crystal face is the 8B92 movement, a solar-powered quartz movement with features like automatic time-setting via radio, a world time feature, a stopwatch, and a battery life of six months when fully charged (or two years if on power-saving mode).

Both of these cost ¥231,000 (P95,500) each, and there will be 300 pieces per model. You can only get these in Japan, so you’d better start asking friends living in that country if you want one.

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