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These Toyota GR Sport models are sold in Indonesia

No additional horsepower, but at least they look good

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division is one of the hottest monikers to come out of Japan in recent times. It has seemingly taken the place of TRD (which still exists in other countries, by the way) as this sub-brand has had a hand in creating some of the automaker’s performance models denoted (GR Supra, GR Yaris and GR86).

Like with most in-house performance divisions, some of Gazoo Racing’s DNA has also trickled down to other production cars as cosmetic packages (and minor performance tweaks in some cases). Much like the Vios GR-S sold in our market, Indonesia gets its own line of sporty variants bearing the GR badge.

Toyota Fortuner GR Sport Type. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Fortuner GR Sport Type. The popular SUV receives bodykit, dark-chrome accents, bespoke 18-inch wheels, and GR Sport decals and emblems. The cabin has black leather seats, a nine-inch touchscreen, wireless phone charging, and a fold-down entertainment system for rear passengers. If Toyota Motor Philippines’ product schedule goes according to plan, we will be seeing a GR version of the Fortuner some time in the third quarter of this year.


Rush GR Sport. Like the Fortuner GR Sport, this upmarket Rush variant sports dark exterior trim, new bumpers, 17-inch wheels, and GR Sport badges. The dashboard gets a two-tone scheme and an updated infotainment system with eight speakers.

Toyota Veloz GR Limited. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Veloz GR Limited. One of Indonesia’s best-selling cars gets the Gazoo Racing treatment with bodykit, black side mirrors, new 15-inch wheels, black-and-red seats, and a digital climate-control panel.

Toyota Yaris GR Sport. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Yaris GR Sport. The Vios’s hatchback version sports bodykit and a strange-looking rear wing. Other touches include GR Sport badges, new 16-inch wheels, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and an updated infotainment system.

Toyota Raize GR Sport Type. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Raize GR Sport Type. The Daihatsu Rocky’s twin has GR bits in the form of bodykit, black wheels, GR Sport badges, automatic headlights, a fancy entertainment system, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and sport seats.


Agya GR Sport. The Wigo’s Indonesian twin might look similar to our local TRD S variant, but its bodykit has some subtle differences. A black spoiler, GR Sport emblems and decals, an updated entertainment system, and push-start ignition complete the Gazoo Racing theme.

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