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The Volkswagen T-Cross gets a new, friendly face

It can also carry heavy e-bikes

Kids will less likely cry at the sight of the T-Cross’s new face. PHOTO FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Carmakers often experience the difficulty of coming up with ways on how to make an already good product even better. With 1.2 million units sold worldwide, the Volkswagen T-Cross is certainly one formula that works very well. One could argue that it might not even need changing, but the German firm seems to think otherwise.

We had to Google what a yellow grape looks like after finding out the name of this paint job. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

The car gets a new face. The angry grin is replaced by a snout that makes the T-Cross look a little less intimidating. The model’s light signature is also updated courtesy of IQ.Light LED headlamps and redesigned taillamps. New paint jobs have been added as well, with Volkswagen clearly proud of the Grape Yellow unit in these photos. It doesn’t sound as good as Chinchilla Gray, though.

The rear lightbar looks rather slick. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Screens are, for better or for worse, all the rage these days. And the updated T-Cross comes with a digital instrument cluster as standard equipment across all variants. The infotainment system is accessed with an optional 9.2-inch free-standing display. The interior gets a slight upgrade with premium materials from larger models.

Volkswagen cockpits have always been easy to use. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

The new T-Cross gets added versatility thanks to a heavy-duty drawbar (the coupling between a vehicle and its external load). The load capacity is up by 20kg to 75kg, which makes itself felt when mounting the OEM bicycle rack. Volkswagen made it a point to mention that this rack can now accommodate heavy e-bikes, likely a response to the increased popularity of pedal-assist bicycles.

Heavy e-bikes can be loaded on the OEM bicycle rack. PHOTO FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Lastly, the T-Cross can be fitted with something called Travel Assist as an optional extra. This is what Volkswagen calls its suite of semi-autonomous driver aids. Vehicles with the dual-clutch gearbox can benefit from assisted steering, braking and acceleration depending on road conditions ahead.

Volkswagen says that the new T-Cross will reach key markets early next year. Would you buy one if it reached our shores and had a turbocharged engine (wink, wink)?

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