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Volkswagen updates ID.3 with a more angular front end

Sporting a mature look for a changing EV world

It actually looks better and more desirable now. PHOTO FROM VOLKSWAGEN

The Volkswagen ID.3 has been around since 2019, being the first dedicated electric vehicle from the Wolfsburg giant. For 2023, the compact EV has finally received an update needed to tackle on the new landscape of electrification, with heavy emphasis on customer input.

The electric olive bean. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

The fresh ID.3 has a sharper, angular front bumper, a stark contrast to the smooth, bubbly face from before, for improved air-cooling. The black strip is now eliminated and colored with the body, making the hood appear longer. A set of new colors will be included, like Dark Olivine Green. The headlights, the taillights, and the rear bumper remain the same.

Reducing driver error through semi-autonomy, reusing dashboard layout, and recycling materials for the fabric. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Not much has changed in the interior, especially with the 5.3-inch driver display and the 12-inch infotainment system. The door trims and the seats are now stitched in a unique Artvelours Eco microfiber—made out of 71% recyclable materials—to cut down on animal use.

Travel Assist, first seen in the ID.4 SUV, is now available for the ID.3 as an optional extra. The semi-autonomous driving system aids on highways and one-lane roads, provided drivers maintain their hands on the wheel.

Volkswagen's Philippine lineup could use more international appeal. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

The updated ID.3 will begin production by fall 2023, rolling out of Zwickau, Dresden, and Wolfsburg in Germany, and possibly Anting, Shanghai, under SAIC-VW. With that prospect in the mix along with criticisms of Volkswagen Philippines’ lackluster lineup, would you love to see the ID.3 in the country?

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