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The Jetour Dashing Symphony is all about the music

Its sound system has a variety of JL Audio goodies

The Dashing Symphony commands a considerable premium over the regular Dashing. PHOTO FROM JETOUR

Whenever we write about new-car launches, we always try our best to tell our readers a good balance of what the vehicle has to offer. We talk about the styling, the engine, the interior amenities, and the safety and convenience features in equal portions. But for Jetour’s latest addition to its lineup, things are a little bit different.

The company’s newest member of the family is called the Dashing Symphony. Quite a weird name if you ask us. But as it turns out, “Symphony” isn’t merely an exercise in artsy marketing fluff.

Aurora Green is the only available color for this car. PHOTOS FROM JETOUR

This version of the Dashing crossover is equipped with a slew of JL Audio products that would rival something found in the living room of someone wealthy. For starters, there is a 300W 10-inch subwoofer. Nestled in the rear is a 400W four-channel amplifier, which presumably drives each pair of woofers and tweeters in every door. And if that isn’t enough, there is also another speaker with its own amplifier in the trunk area.

Jetour says this comprehensive kit ensures that owners will be dancing to every boom of their Budots remix playlist, and will be moved to tears when they listen to Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing inside their vehicle.

Your tunes will sound crisper with these bits of JL Audio equipment. PHOTOS FROM JETOUR

This is already on top of the Dashing’s already generous list of standard equipment, which we’ve covered in this review. It is powered by a 1.5-liter turbo engine with 156hp. Occupants have access to things like a 12.8-inch display, a panoramic sunroof, and mood lighting. Lastly, the vehicle comes with a variety of driver aids including a 360° parking camera.

The standard Dashing's luxurious interior is carried over. PHOTOS FROM JETOUR

According to Jetour, the Dashing Symphony is a limited-edition vehicle, although it has not mentioned how many units will be made available. If you’re interested, you can have the car in any color you like as long as it’s Aurora Green. It goes for a sticker price of P1,523,000.

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