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The Ararkis Sandstorm wants to be the fastest car in the world

The only catch is that it doesn’t exist yet

Another virtual hypercar with absurd specs to boot. IMAGE FROM ARARKIS

In times gone by, building a supercar meant having to squeeze ungodly amounts of power out of internal-combustion engines using loads of effort and engineering expertise. Now, in the age of EVs and with increased computing power, it has gotten considerably easier to come up with outrageous concepts for hypercars. Case in point: the Ararkis Sandstorm. You’ve probably never heard of it, yet it wants to be the fastest car on earth.

Ararkis Automobili is the brainchild of South African entrepreneur Priven Reddy, and is based in the UK. Reddy seems to be a colorful character who has all sorts of business interests—from cryptocurrencies to food delivery, and now hypercars. At least in theory, because the Sandstorm so far only exists in the digital world.

We'll probably end up seeing it in some racing games like 'Asphalt'. IMAGE FROM ARARKIS

There, it cuts quite a figure and promises to deliver some spectacular numbers. Only 20 of these low-slung machines are planned to ever be built, and each one will cost at least $2,000,000 (P112,013,000). For that money, wealthy speed addicts will get a car that can go from zero to 100km/h in a mere 1.5 seconds, and which promises a range of 500km per charge.

Powered by dual high-performance yet-to-be-detailed electric motors that get their electric juice from a lithium-ion battery pack, the car will also feature a single-speed transmission and the ability to fast-charge up to 80% in a mere 30 minutes.

We're sure the max that will fit are two people. IMAGES FROM ARARKIS

The machine is mainly made of aluminum and carbon fiber to keep the weight down, and will have space for we-don’t-actually-know-how-many passengers.

Strangely, the website only says that it will offer seating for a “select number of occupants,” so your guess is as good as ours. The lucky individuals will apparently be able to enjoy the ride while sitting on magnesium-aluminum alloy and carbon-fiber seats with Alcantara covers.

Could this be an idea that was generated using AI? IMAGE FROM ARARKIS

It goes without saying that it also promises various driving modes and assistance systems that are all being developed at the moment, according to the firm. Finally, even the topic of sustainability is being mentioned, with a promise to use recycled or sustainable materials and to also keep the carbon footprint of this car in check.

While the Sandstorm does look good and its performance figures are certainly possible with modern EVs (just ask Rimac), we have to wonder how realistic the prospect of this car ever making it to the real world really is.

Maybe it’s a pipe dream, or maybe Priven Reddy did what many of us probably secretly dream about doing: go on Midjourney, create the car of his dreams, and then make it a reality. We hope it’s the latter, and we are looking forward to seeing the finished version.

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