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Do you think this 1,000hp electric hypercar from India is legit?

Mean Metal Motors is currently looking for investors

The Azani doesn't seem like it can take punishment from India's bad roads. IMAGE FROM MEAN METAL MOTORS

Automotive startups are plentiful in today’s EV era. They either end up very successful like Tesla, or exist for a bit—full of potential—before eventually going belly up like Lordstown Motors. But most of these firms seem like vaporware; they promise a radical product (usually a pickup truck or a supercar), only to never be heard from again after accumulating some money from gullible investors and customers. It happens a lot in the tech world, and we’re seeing it take place in the car industry.

We doubt that Mean Metal Motors has the know-how to build any car. IMAGES FROM MEAN METAL MOTORS

So today, we take a look at yet another fledgling automaker called Mean Metal Motors and its, er, mean-looking electric hypercar named Azani. Aside from the car, the Indian company’s big claim to fame is its “microfactories” coupled with a bold statement that “We are changing the way cars are made.” Sure. Whatever. The Azani will reportedly use 100 times fewer components (compared to?), have approximately two times the “margins” on vehicles (profit margins?), and be four times cheaper to build (than what exactly?).

It also has big numbers like 1,000hp, 1,000Nm, a top speed of 350km/h, a 0-100km/h time of under 2.1 seconds, and a range of 523km from a 120kWh power pack. Other “futuristic” technologies include augmented-reality displays, “advanced morphing seats,” and an “advanced AI module.” Very exciting, indeed.

Microfactories are probably the sheds where the Azani will be assembled. IMAGE FROM MEAN METAL MOTORS

To be honest, we can’t help but feel that this website comes off as a little too eccentric. Check out this statement:

“Suggestive AI for an surreal experience will be one of the core systems of the Azani, you do not need a social circle when you have the Azani.”

The F? Are they trolling? Yes, that’s exactly how it was written. And some of the team members’ short bios made us chuckle as well.

You’re also greeted with a big, white “INVEST” button, which leads you to a form that you can fill out with your contact details and desired amount. It also has a link to a Kickstarter-esque web page that allows you to view the full terms of the fundraising campaign after you request for access.

If you think this company is worth investing in, be our guest. SCREENSHOT FROM FUNDABLE

Other than that, you’re presented with a form to reserve your Azani…and that’s it. There’s no specific time frame as to when the car will be launched or put into production. But the company boasts that it has been featured on international and local media outlets (we hope we won’t be included on the roster).

So, be prepared with a huge chunk of rock salt. We do not know for sure if this startup and its vehicle are legit. But it will be interesting to see an Indian player in the elusive hypercar space. Again, that’s assuming this is trustworthy.

Sam Surla

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