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The Rezvani Beast is your perfect doomsday hypercar

America’s take on a Mad Max vehicle

This fiery-red supercar is proudly made in the US of A. PHOTO FROM REZVANI

Most supercars are pretty much alike, but the Rezvani Beast is not most supercars. Based on a Chevrolet Corvette C8, it comes with a hugely powerful engine and an optional 007 Package. Yes, 007 as in the gadget-loving secret agent.

Let’s start with the basics: The beating heart of this Beast is based on the 6.2-liter V8 you’ll find in a Corvette Stingray, but this version has had two turbochargers fitted and now churns out around 1,000hp and 1,190Nm.

We don't think sending 1,000hp and 1,190Nm to the rear wheels sounds like a good idea for the unskilled. PHOTO FROM REZVANI

An eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox with paddle shifters is tasked with taming all that power and sending it to the rear wheels.

Depending on how well it manages that, the latest bonkers machine from US-based Rezvani will rocket from zero to 100km/h in a mere 2.5 seconds, and do the quarter mile in a pretty sharpish 9.6 seconds.

These impressive figures are partially down to the carbon-fiber construction of this speed machine that keeps the weight down to a featherlight 1,340kg.

It pretty much is a rebodied Corvette C8. PHOTOS FROM REZVANI

If you squint, it still looks like a Corvette. Or at least like the evil love child between a C8 and a Lotus, with a hint of Aston Martin at the front.

Dihedral doors and a removable targa top make getting in and out easy, while a race-inspired cockpit complete with a heads-up display and a sawn-off steering wheel is meant to focus the mind of the pilot.

We're not sure why you'd want these on a lightweight supercar, but they are available as options. PHOTOS FROM REZVANI

If you don’t just want to be fast, but also safe from the odd zombie apocalypse or the criminal mastermind and his henchmen, then Rezvani has a special box you can tick on the options list.

Called the 007 Package, for a mere $45,000 (P2.52 million) extra, you’ll get electrified door handles, a pair of gas masks, thermal night vision, electromagnetic pulse protection, a pepper spray dispenser, magnetic deadbolts, as well as some strobe lights and a siren.

If you feel even more threatened, then an additional $55,000 (P3.08 million) will buy you some bulletproof glass and body armor. This package will presumably impact performance figures a bit, but if you’re planning to travel Mad Max-style, it’s probably better to be safe than fast.

We don't think this is enough to replace The Beast used by the president of the United States. PHOTO FROM REZVANI

Only 20 units of these quirky hypercars will be built by the company, and you need to fork out at least $485,000 (P21.2 million) to own one. That’s before adding the secret-agent package and body armor. If you fancy one, then Rezvani lets you configure your dream version on its website.

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