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The Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance packs Formula 1 technology at its core

How does 680hp and 1,020Nm from a 4-cylinder sound?

The latest C63 drops the V8 in favor of electrification. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-AMG

Since its introduction in 1993, the Mercedes-AMG C-Class compact sedan has gained global appeal to those who have desired a less burly, performance-oriented three-pointed star in their garage. That legacy continues with the most exciting and powerful C63 package to date, the S E Performance.

This handsome beast carries the sleek elegance of the C-Class line with more aggressive, muscular, and purposeful styling, most notably on its front fascia. The double dual tailpipes at the rear and the badging outlined in red tell you that this is not your typical C saloon.

The folks at Affalterbach know how to keep the styling classy with the right amount of aggression. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-AMG

Getting to the meat of this machine, which has been dubbed as a game-changer in the 55-year history of the AMG brand, the C63 S E Performance is powered by a hybrid system derived from Formula 1.

Under the hood sits a longitudinally mounted 2.0-liter four-cylinder boosted by an electrically assisted exhaust-gas turbocharger. The combustion engine is paired with an AMG-exclusive, in-house-developed electric motor situated on the rear axle. Providing juice to the electric motor is a 400V high-performance battery with a direct cooling system. In addition, this performance hybrid system comes with four selectable levels of energy recuperation.

A vehicle like this demands serious aerodynamics and cooling. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-AMG

In totality, the propulsion system delivers a combined whopping output of 680hp. The engine in itself is the world’s most powerful production four-cylinder, yielding an impressive 176hp per liter.

The performance hybrid powertrain delivers instant torque eliminating any lag from the turbocharged combustion mill (total combined torque of 1,020Nm). All this oomph is delivered to the asphalt through a nine-speed AMG SpeedShift MCT (multi-clutch transmission) and a fully variable all-wheel-drive system known as the AMG Performance 4Matic+.

With all these propulsion factors considered, this performance sedan can go from a standstill to 100km/h in a brisk 3.4 seconds. For added enjoyment and thrills, Drift Mode along with active rear-axle steering comes with this package—a feature unique to this segment.

To nobody's surprise, the cabin is still a mix of luxurious materials and sporty undertones. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-AMG

The cockpit of the C63 AMG S is equally impressive with luxurious AMG sports seats, an AMG Performance steering wheel with controls, and other refined details while offering varied trim options for the most discerning clientele. Its MBUX multimedia system with hybrid-specific displays, gives the driver a deeper appreciation of the car’s state-of-the-art powertrain and tech features.

Compared to the M3 and the RS4, this is the only one that you can drive on electric power if needed. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-AMG

A varied array of eight drive modes are made available to accommodate different scenarios and needs.

The AMG Dynamic Select includes Electric for all-electric driving up to 125km/h, Comfort, Battery Hold for low electric power consumption, Sport for a more responsive drive with the electric motor boosted to around 65%, and Sport+ for an extremely sporty character with electric motor boosted up to 80%.

Then there’s Race that is mainly for track use, highly dynamic driving, and maximum performance optimized with a Boost Mode button on tap for spontaneous power when it’s needed; Slippery for better handling under slippery/wet conditions; and Individual that allows the driver to customize drive, transmission, AMG dynamics, suspension, steering, and exhaust system to his/her liking.

Oh, and it also comes as a wagon. What more could you ask for? PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-AMG

The C63 AMG S E Performance marks a new milestone for Mercedes-AMG in terms of driving excitement while paving the way for what the future of performance will be like for customers both old and new. Achtung, baby!

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