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MIAS 2024: Peugeot offers ‘value-added incentives’ for 2023-year models

Including the 2008 Allure, the 3008 Active and Allure, and the 5008 Active and Allure

In our opinion, Peugeot serves as somewhat of a halo brand in the Astara stable. PHOTO FROM ASTARA

Spain-based Astara is among the most aggressive distributors in our market right now. Since announcing its presence in the Philippines in January 2022, it has grown to be a four-brand business: Peugeot, GAC, JMC and JAC. While the Chinese brands hold a lot of promise—particularly GAC—the solitary non-Chinese concern in its stable, the French marque Peugeot, seems to exist in limbo.

Admittedly, the brand is quite challenging to sell to a budget-conscious market. But then, if you ask me, its existence in the Astara fraternity serves a purpose. Without it, Astara will be an entirely Chinese circle. And that may not be an altogether positive thing in a time of hostile geopolitics between China and the Philippines. At least, with Peugeot in the fold, they have a neutral halo above them.

“At Peugeot, we believe in embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence,” said Astara Philippines marketing director Timmy De Leon. “Our commitment is to focus on prioritizing the customer experience and exploring applicable new models that will be relevant to Filipino consumers.”


That focus may have been the reason behind the distributor’s choice in displaying the SUV pair of the 3008 and the 5008 at the 2024 Manila International Auto Show.

An interesting part of the company’s press statement about Peugeot is this:

As a testament to the Peugeot brand’s appreciation for its clients, the brand is also extending its ongoing exclusive value-added incentives for its 2023-year models. These include the 2008 Allure, the 3008 Active and Allure variants, and the 5008 Active and Allure variants.

If you’re open to the possibility of owning an elegant European car brand, I suggest you pay the Peugeot booth at MIAS a visit. You have until April 7 to do so. I smell significant discounts, guys. Go for it.

Vernon B. Sarne

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