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Isuzu to produce battery-powered D-Max

To be initially sold in select European markets in 2025

Isuzu has finally bitten the bullet on EVs with the battery-powered D-Max. PHOTO FROM ISUZU

There is no denying that Isuzu manufactures very reliable vehicles. But emissions regulations are getting tougher every year, and the company’s trusty diesel engines will simply have an increasingly hard time trying to stay compliant. There really is no practical choice other than to go electric, and that is the route that the Japanese firm has decided to take.

Of course, anything electric these days must have blue accents. PHOTOS FROM ISUZU

Isuzu’s latest project is a battery-powered version of its popular D-Max pickup. Externally, there is not a lot of differences compared to vehicles sold in showrooms right now. That just means the changes are beneath the sheet metal, and this comes in the form of a dual-motor system called e-Axle.

We're eager to see how the 175hp power unit performs in practice especially when towing. PHOTOS FROM ISUZU

Interestingly, the motors have different power outputs. The front has 54hp, while rear puts out 121hp. Combined, there is 175hp (with 325Nm) at the electric D-Max’s disposal. Towing capacity is a claimed 3,500kgjust like the diesel version. The rear suspension is also updated to a De Dion layout, which is said to be better for ride comfort than a traditional solid axle.

Isuzu is also looking into offering a mild-hybrid D-Max for developing markets. PHOTO FROM ISUZU

Currently, the electric D-Max is in its prototype stages. But Isuzu is planning to commence series production in 2025. Select markets in Europe will get first dibs followed by countries with strong demand for such vehicles. The automaker is also conducting feasibility studies on a mild-hybrid D-Max.

If you want to see the D-Max BEV in the metal, it will be exhibited at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show happening on March 27 to April 7.

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