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TVS launches high-tech Apache RR 310 and Ntorq 125 in PH

Both feature the company’s SmartXonnect technology

If TVS bikes can survive India, they can easily handle Philippine roads. PHOTO FROM TVS

TVS Motor Company has enjoyed a colorful history, diversifying into production of two-wheelers after a start with providing bus services. It collaborated with Suzuki in the late 1980s to produce motorcycles for the Indian market, alongside the exchange of technical know-how between the two manufacturers. In 2016, a partnership between TVS and BMW Motorrad resulted in the creation of the BMW G310 R and the 312cc 33.5hp engine that powers it.

Decades of experience have forged TVS to be the powerhouse that it is today. Presently, it is India’s top-three manufacturer of two-wheelers, and is within the ranks of the top-ten motorcycle makers globally. With factories in its home country and Indonesia, TVS’ presence is felt globally with exports to over 70 countries.

The Apache RR 310 has an engine that was co-developed with BMW. PHOTOS FROM TVS

With the knowledge resulting from alliances and internal engineering comes the Apache RR 310. The in-house engineered bike that was once long-awaited in India and locally is finally available on our shores.

Packed with technologies really only seen in other bikes above its price range and displacement, the Apache RR 310 is an interesting offering for those that seek a machine that can conquer both the street and the track. Race-tuned fuel injection coupled with throttle-by-wire and four ride modes (Urban, Rain, Sport and Track) allow for electronically modifiable engine characteristics to suit whatever riding style and environmental conditions you may face. An included race computer with Bluetooth connectivity (which TVS dubbed SmartXonnect) allows for phone call and navigation functionality during your ride, and telemetry analysis afterward.

The Ntorq 125 is a stylish alternative to Japanese scooters. PHOTOS FROM TVS

The same SmartXonnect technology is also available in TVS’ other fresh offering for the Philippines, the Ntorq 125. The scooter is equipped with a fully digital speedometer, and is powered by a 9.25hp engine. TVS says both bikes have been developed not only with its racing program, but also with the connectivity customers desire from its products.

The Apache RR 310 is priced at P230,000 and comes in Racing Red and Titanium Black, while the Ntorq 125 retails for P76,900 and is available in Matte Red, Metallic Gray, Metallic Red, and Metallic Blue. TVS has a surprisingly extensive network in the Philippines with over 550 sales and service outlets.

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