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Extreme H is a new hydrogen-powered off-road racing series coming in 2025

Created in tandem by FIA and Extreme E

Don't fix what isn't broken, as it appears similar to Extreme E's current design. PHOTO FROM EXTREME E

In 2021, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) inaugurated the Extreme E championship to promote electric power in motorsports, awareness in areas struck heavily by climate change, and even gender equality among teams.

After two successful seasons, both parties have announced a new racing series powered by hydrogen. Extreme H will begin in 2025, attracting manufacturers and racing teams to experiment with hydrogen fuel-cell electric systems adopted in limited road-going vehicles like the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo.

With the added FIA championship accreditation in its debut year, this series will be positioned in the higher tier of motorsports alongside its electric-powered equivalent and Formula E.

Imagine brands that have embraced hydrogen technology—like Toyota, Honda and Hyundai—joining the fray. PHOTO FROM EXTREME E

“This announcement is a significant first step in the development of our championship and our groundbreaking transition to hydrogen-powered racing,” Extreme E founder and CEO Alejandro Agag expressed during its unveiling. “Once it achieves FIA World Championship status (in 2026), Extreme H will continue what Extreme E started as a pioneering motorsport series, and we look forward to delivering another spectacular sporting product.”

Extreme E founder Alejandro Agag and FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem hopes for nothing but more sustainable racing action. PHOTO FROM EXTREME E

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem added: “It is encouraging that such a major motorsport entity as Extreme E, with its renowned lineup of teams, sees the same potential in hydrogen technology. Their approach to equality and diversity matches ours as we push to make motorsports accessible for all.”

A technical working group for Extreme H was also announced to consist of Extreme E technical director Mark Grain, Formula 1 chief technical officer Pat Symonds, and FIA single-seater director Nikolas Tombazis. These individuals will monitor the development of the new chassis, as well as the logistics and the environmental impact the racing series will carry worldwide.

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