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Akio Toyoda’s personal car is no ordinary Lexus LBX

The Morizo RR Concept is a posher GR Yaris that might come next year

Morizo continues to warm enthusiasts' hearts. PHOTO FROM LEXUS

It’s no secret that we all love Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda and his enthusiasm for cars and motorsports. Despite stepping down from his role as CEO of Toyota, he is still hard at work, standing by his position in dire situations while continuing the brand’s fun factor streak.

During this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, everyone was wondering what the mysterious Lexus model on the show floor would be, and it turned out to be a Lexus LBX. However, it’s no mere appearance package.

A small yet meaningful badge. PHOTOS FROM LEXUS

The Lexus LBX Morizo RR Concept is a one-off model made as the personal vehicle for Toyoda. Mechanically, the subcompact crossover is powered by the now-legendary G16E-GTS, the 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with the new eight-speed automatic transmission from the face-lifted Toyota GR Yaris.

Red calipers are too mainstream. PHOTOS FROM LEXUS

The 235/45-series Continental SportContact 7 tires give the LBX a wider stance with the 19-inch alloy wheels, and complement the braking power of the 18-inch front ventilated and 16-inch rear disc brakes.

For aesthetics, the LBX Morizo RR is coated in Sonic Chrome with a black roof, and contrasted by bright yellow (Morizo’s signature color) in the brake calipers, the grille accent, and the seatbelts.

Is this what we think you're saying, Morizo? PHOTOS FROM LEXUS

While this is considered a one-off prototype, Toyoda himself hinted in a short documentary posted on Lexus’s official YouTube channel about the possible release of a G16E-powered LBX by 2025. Could there be a market—more so in the Philippines—for another three-cylinder pocket rocket wearing an upscaled badge?

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