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The Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition ditches the rear seats for performance

Want a hardcore version of the GR Corolla?

This is more than just a GR Corolla without the rear seats. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

It’s no secret that the Toyota GR Corolla shares a few bits with its smaller rally-bred sibling, the GR Yaris. From the turbocharged three-banger to the GR-Four four-wheel-drive system, this car essentially fulfills the niche where the GR Yaris would normally be in countries that didn’t get it. And as we’ve found out, that small hot hatch is a very potent and capable machine.

But the folks at Gazoo Racing think they can take it even further with a special trim called the Morizo Edition, which improves performance according to “President Toyoda’s discerning resolve to achieve an untamed energy that captivates customers.” If you didn’t know, “Morizo” is Akio Toyoda‘s other alias when he’s behind the wheel.

You can probably remove the rear seats yourself, but you can't tune the engine yourself. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

To make the Morizo Edition faster compared to the vanilla GR Corolla, changes include removing the rear seats to reduce the weight by 30kg, and additional bracing and structural adhesive to increase chassis rigidity. Monotube shock absorbers front and back, and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber also help with cornering.

The G16E-GTS now produces 400Nm of torque (with the same 300hp), with more of it found in the midrange of the power band. Finally, the transmission is tuned with closer gear ratios for the first, second and third gears, and lower-geared differential gears.

This variant prioritizes performance over glitzy cosmetics. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Aside from the lack of rear seats, the front seats are semi-bucket seats exclusive to this model, and the cabin is upholstered in Ultrasuede. Finally, the car is finished in a Matte Steel color, with Morizo’s signature found on the front windshield.

To be one of the lucky few who will get the privilege of buying one, you will have to enter a reservation lottery, and it will be available only in limited quantities from GR Garage dealers in Japan.

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