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Check out these public-transport routes from Araneta City Bus Station

Ensuring that commuters won’t be left stranded during the holiday season

Araneta City Bus Station will be serving commuters during the holidays. PHOTO FROM ARANETA CITY

With most of the country opening up as COVID-19 cases continue to tumble, this holiday season is surely turning out to be a whole lot better than last year’s. As more people start to come out of forced hibernation, demand for public transportation will definitely rise.

Araneta City Bus Station, one of Quezon City’s main transport hubs for intercity and provincial travel, is certainly ready to meet that demand. It will be open throughout the holiday season, catering to passengers departing for and arriving from certain areas in Metro Manila and Central Luzon.

Check out the following routes and schedules below:

Provincial buses – 5am to 10pm

  • San Fernando, Pampanga – P150
  • Dau, Pampanga – P180
  • Angeles City, Pampanga – P180
  • Arayat, Pampanga – P180

Beep Jeep – 4am to 9pm

  • SSS Marikina
  • Marikina Fortune
  • Philcoa
  • Roces-Pantranco
  • Rosario, Pasig

City buses – 4am to 9pm

  • Doroteo Jose

UBE Express – 5am to 8pm

  • NAIA

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