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A heartbreaking Twitter thread from inside a Grab car

The driver deserves all our bro hugs…and a beer

Like being in a front seat of a sad movie. ILLUSTRATION BY MARCO RIVERA

We all have those awkward moments inside a taxicab or a ride-sharing car. From that creepy manong driver to the truly icky rear seat, most of us belonging to the commuting demographic of Metro Manila have seen it all.

Jam 88.3 DJ Jobim Javier had one such experience last night—although it was unpleasant not for him but for his Grab driver. We’ll let his riveting tweeting do the talking. Grab some popcorn.

PS: Our guy Manskee Nascimento personally ascertained the veracity of this story with Javier. Ignore the loopy time stamps; this happened evening of May 22.

Damn. Beer, guys?

Vernon B. Sarne

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