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No need to replace the clutch pack in your Geely car

Manufacturer guarantees transmission will last the vehicle’s lifetime

Geely vehicles all come standard with a dual-clutch transmission. PHOTO BY MIGGI SOLIDUM

Geely’s vehicles are quite an interesting lot. The carmaker’s products have consistently bucked the trend that has haunted Chinese vehicles for the longest time. The entire package of trendy styling, powerful engines, and solid build quality has earned cars like the Coolray respect from first-time buyers and skeptics alike. And with the brand’s popularity on a steady rise, the number of cars equipped with dual-clutch transmissions is on the same flow as well.

And that led us to question if the reliability of Geely dual-clutch gearboxes is something that customers need to be concerned about. After all, other manufacturers have had mixed experience with DCT-equipped vehicles as the design is said to be not really ideal for the kind of road conditions that exist in the Philippines. Thankfully, the Chinese brand gave us an opportunity to chat with Dr. Hakan Sandquist, the chief engineer for the 1.5-liter turbo powertrain in use by Geely cars.

Automaker guarantees that there is no need to replace the clutch pack in its gearboxes. IMAGE FROM GEELY

When asked about the longevity of dual-clutch gearboxes in the country, Dr. Sandquist confidently responded that millions of kilometers of testing have given the Geely seven-speed DCT a clean bill of health in terms of its dependability in harsh road conditions. And when questioned about the replacement intervals for the clutch pack, Geely’s gearbox guru said that there is no need for such. He explained that because of the wet-clutch design, the clutch pack will last the lifetime of the car provided that the owner follows manufacturer-specified maintenance intervals.

So, it appears that even with the kind of use (and abuse) that Geely vehicles experience in our country, its dual-clutch transmissions turn out to be pretty robust and tough nuggets to crack. For those who already own the brand’s products, that’s one less thing to worry about (which means more reasons to enjoy the vehicle). Good for you, then.

Miggi Solidum

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