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GWM sold more than a million vehicles globally for 8th consecutive year

The Chinese car brand celebrates its success

Wey and Ora are two of the many sub-brands of GWM. PHOTO FROM GWM

Whether you like Chinese cars or not, one brand appears to have been doing well in recent times. For the eighth year in a row, Great Wall Motor (GWM) managed to surpass the one-million-unit sales mark. Last year, the company sold 1.23 million cars with more than 300,000 in overseas markets.

GWM attributes its success to its expertise in technology and marketing. The diverse lineup of vehicles includes the Tank line of SUVs, which was a hit in the Middle East. There’s Ora, a sub-brand of New Energy Vehicles (NEV) that’s gaining popularity in Europe and South Africa. And the Haval H6 HEV—which is currently available in the Philippines—is an award-winning model in Brazil.

GWM has a lot of models in store. PHOTO FROM GWM

GWM subsidiary FTXT Energy signed an agreement last July with the National Research Council of Italy to work together on hydrogen energy projects. The company also now has factories in Pakistan and Ecuador, as well as a new venture in Malaysia.

For this year, GWM will be hosting the 2024 GWM Global Fan Festival to unite its community of users, and let them join in the celebration of the brand’s success and achievements.

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