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Daimler converts city bus into COVID-19 testing lab on wheels

So that patients no longer need to travel for PCR tests

This bus is a valued asset in the fight against an invisible enemy. PHOTO FROM SETRA

COVID-19 tests are an obvious response to the harsh reality brought about by the pandemic. Organizations have thought of creative ways on how to get more of these tests administered to as many people as possible–an example of which is the drive-thru testing booths in hospitals. But in Germany, rather than having patients go to testing centers, a local firm has made a way for the tests to get to the patients.

Huber Group Holding SE, an automotive electronics specialist, is making use of a converted low-floor bus to administer COVID-19 tests to schools, residential areas, and offices. Daimler Buses has loaned the Setra S 416 LE to the company as part of its initiative to carry out these tests in a safe and organized manner.

Thanks to a secure high-speed data link. patients can get their test results within 24 hours. PHOTOS FROM SETRA

The bus is divided into several compartments. Patients enter the rear door for data processing. They then move on to the front of the vehicle where the actual nose and mouth swab tests are performed. With the bus’s high-speed data link, patient information can be handled as efficiently as possible. The entire process apparently takes 90 seconds from start to finish, and the results of the PCR test becomes available within 24 hours.

The Setra bus is one part of the Huber Group’s large network of stationary COVID-19 test stations. With its ability to be deployed practically anywhere at a moment’s notice, the converted intercity transport is now an important asset in the fight against the coronavirus.

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