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The Italian State Police now have a Lamborghini Urus

Italy now has another crime-fighting bull prowling the streets

Unlike some other countries, this exotic police car will actually be used in the line of duty. PHOTO FROM ITALIAN STATE POLICE

The odds of making a Fast & Furious-style getaway from any heist in Italy have just dropped again after State Police received another delivery from Lamborghini. A brand-new Urus Performante has now been added to the lineup.

The super SUV joins two Huracáns already in police use in Rome and Bologna. Next to chasing bad guys on the autostrada, the latest raging bull will also be used to save lives.

Speeders will think twice when they see a big blue Lamborghini in their rearview mirrors. PHOTOS FROM ITALIAN STATE POLICE

The relationship between Lamborghini and the Italian police dates back to 2005 when the boys in blue received a custom-built Gallardo from the firm. Since then, Lamborghini has handed over two more of their sports cars to help the police, and this latest addition to the fleet makes it three now.

These aren’t just show cars either. The Urus Performante was customized by the carmaker to the requirements of the state police, and now contains emergency equipment, a firearm drawer, and a display for public safety messages.

Just like the other two cars, this one will have two primary uses. One is to go after any speeding offenders on the country’s highways, and the other is to transport human organs from donor to receiver in the fastest possible time.

For this, it has a special fridge in the trunk that displays and logs the temperature to ensure optimal conditions for any human organs stored in it.

We envy the two lucky lads who will be assigned to this vehicle. PHOTO FROM ITALIAN STATE POLICE

The handover ceremony attracted quite a few VIPs, with Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann making an appearance next to the President of the Council of Ministers Giorgia Meloni, and the Chief of Police Vittorio Pisani.

The lucky cops chosen to drive this machine can now look forward to workdays dealing with 666hp and 0-100km/h sprints of just 3.3 seconds. Not a bad job if you can get it.

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