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The first-ever Formula 1 Lego Technic set is a McLaren

Though not entirely representative of the team’s 2022 contender

Lando Norris thinks he's finally found a car his size. PHOTO FROM MCLAREN F1 TEAM

It seems the McLaren F1 team has plenty of time on its hands. As others are busy preparing their new cars for preseason testing, this squad, on the other hand, is dabbling in building Lego models of its vehicles. Just kidding.

But we’re serious about the Lego model part, as the team is showing off a 25.5-inch-long, 10.7-inch-wide, and five-inch-tall Lego Technic F1 car.

This is something you wouldn't want your young children playing around with. SCREENSHOT FROM MCLAREN F1 TEAM

This 1,432-piece model makes it the first Lego Technic F1 car ever to be released. As with these playsets (if you can call it that), they’re incredibly detailed, featuring a modeled V6 engine with moving pistons, functional steering, suspension, a moving rear wing for DRS, and a differential lock.

What’s interesting about this car is that it isn’t a replica of the 2021 MCL35M contender. It’s a “hands-on interpretation of the new 2022 F1 car design,” but with 2021’s papaya orange and blue livery still on the car. Also, we still don’t understand Lego’s fascination with the wet tire compound.

Grown men will become children once this starts to appear in stores. SCREENSHOT FROM LEGO

This model will be made available globally on March 1. There’s no price yet, but we’re expecting this to cost a pretty penny, like with other Technic playsets. Just be prepared for the consequences if your significant other catches this in the mail before you do.

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