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Enhance your desktop with these manga-themed computer mice

Camshop delivers these treats for ‘Initial D’ and ‘Wangan Midnight’ fans

Even when not in use, it's still a great desk ornament. PHOTO FROM CAMSHOP

Initial D and Wangan Midnight are manga series that any car enthusiast would easily recognize. Both franchises spawned numerous tie-ins with animation studios for TV serialization, game developers for arcade racing cabinets, and toymakers for merchandise. But what about gadget accessories?

That is where Camshop comes into the picture, which is no stranger to automotive-themed goodies like computer mice and tissue containers in guises of legendary classics like the Toyota 2000GT or contemporary vehicles like the Suzuki Jimny.

Ready for takeoff. PHOTOS FROM CAMSHOP

Camshop did the same treatment in collaboration with Kodansha, the publisher for Initial D and Wangan Midnight, giving fans an affordable way of owning the star cars rather than buying the real deal. Takumi Fujiwara’s panda-colored Toyota Sprinter Trueno, Keisuke Takahashi’s yellow Mazda RX-7, and Akio Asakura’s Nissan Fairlady Z were condensed and ergonomically molded into wireless mice.

The wing on Keisuke Takahashi's RX-7 might be why it's sized smaller. PHOTOS FROM CAMSHOP

The Trueno and Fairlady mice measure 130mm long and 50mm wide for average adult-sized hands, but for slightly smaller hands, the RX-7 shrinks to 105mm in length and 45mm in width. All versions require an AA battery for the built-in Bluetooth connectivity with a 2.4GHz frequency range, ideal for personal computers and tablets.

Nothing like adorning masterpieces from Michiharu Kusunoki (‘Wangan Midnight’) and Shuichi Shigeno (‘Initial D’). PHOTOS FROM CAMSHOP

Also part of the package is a mousepad bearing official artworks from illustrators. The Trueno and Fairlady Z mice cost ¥6,600 (P2,560), while the RX-7 mouse will go for ¥7,700 (P2,990) when deliveries begin in early February.

Justin Young

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