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Toyota gives GR86 the ‘Initial D’ treatment

Trueno Edition pays homage to that famous tofu delivery vehicle

Will the Trueno Edition become a desirable classic in the future just like the AE86? PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

The Toyota AE86 is enjoying cult status because of Initial D. And while the model has several versions, it seems like the most desirable is the Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex with the liftback body, the pop-up headlights and the black-and-white paint job just like the hero car in the popular manga and anime series. But AE86 units these days are fetching top dollar due to the increasing scarcity of solid body shells and spare parts.

However, Toyota is bringing back the Trueno name in a faster, sleeker package.

It would've been nicer if Toyota had photographed this car in action. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

Enter the GR86 Trueno Edition. As expected, the car will come in a two-tone livery featuring a Halo or Track bRed (not a typo) base color accented with various body panels finished in black. Rounding out the exterior are “Trueno Edition” badges (in the original Trueno font, no less) and bespoke 18-inch wheels in—you guessed it—black. Predictably, it doesn’t come with the decal of a tofu shop.

Thankfully, the black accents don't look tacky. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

Inside, the Ultrasuede seats have red leather accents because anything red looks sporty. The Trueno touches continue with the unique shift knob and the plaque that proudly says that only 860 units will be produced. Intensifying your Eurobeat playlist is the eight-inch infotainment screen with phone integration.

With only 860 units to be made, this isn't the type of car you'd want to turn into a drift missile. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

The 2.4-liter boxer engine remains untouched with its standard 228hp output. Still, it’s far more powerful than the 4A-GE lump that the AE86 came with. Toyota did make some changes in the suspension and the brakes, though. The Trueno Edition comes with uprated Sachs dampers and Brembo brakes that should allow you to hook your inside wheel into the gutter just like in the anime.

Sadly, only the US market will get the Trueno Edition. Toyota will be revealing prices later this year.

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