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Designer turns Mercedes-Benz airbags into clothing

A creative way of tackling sustainability in the car industry

Why throw away airbags when you can wear them? PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

Nobody in his right mind would fork out good money for a car that used to be wrapped around a tree. Such vehicles are usually classified as write-offs, which are destined for the scrap heap. But while materials like steel get reborn as drink cans and airplane fuselages, there is a good amount of stuff in a car that can no longer be recycled.

The nylon material should make these clothes ideal during winter. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

In this day and age, automakers are focusing on sustainability. For example, genuine animal hides are being replaced with synthetic materials made from used bottles and clothes. Heron Preston, a fashion designer from the US, had the same line of thinking and created something special from a bunch of old Mercedes-Benz airbags.

The result is the Airbag Concept Collection, and yes, it’s not really something one would wear at a fine-dining restaurant. But Preston’s specialty is putting a creative spin on work clothes. The hoodies and the long pants in the clothing line have been skillfully crafted out of the airbags. Of course, the German automaker is quite proud to be the designer’s partner as it is celebrating 40 years of airbags being standard equipment in its vehicles.

Airbags became standard equipment on the S-Class in 1981. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

However, we’re not quite sure how these clothes would feel in the real world. Airbags are made out of nylon, which probably wouldn’t be the most comfortable thing to wear especially under the sun. However, if you do want accessories made from airbags, Preston will be raffling off exclusive merchandise at this online store on September 10.

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