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Audi set to acquire 100% of Sauber Group

The next step toward its entry into Formula 1 in 2026

Oliver Hoffmann will now be chairman of the board of directors of the Sauber Group. PHOTO FROM AUDI

The supervisory boards of Audi AG and Volkswagen AG are taking the next step toward Audi’s entry into Formula 1 in 2026 by fully taking over the Sauber Group.

There will be two key roles under this move. Oliver Hoffmann, who currently heads the Technical Development division of Audi AG, becomes a general representative by the Board of Management and takes charge of the brand’s F1 efforts.

With the new role, Hoffmann will lead the shareholder committee, oversee power unit development of Audi Formula Racing GmbH, and direct and activate the program. He will also become chairman of the board of directors of the Sauber Group.

Are you excited to see the four rings in another motorsport discipline? PHOTO FROM AUDI

With Hoffmann as head of Technical Development and Audi Sport, Audi achieved various motorsport successes in DTM, Formula E, and Dakar Rally with the RS Q e-Tron (the first-ever win with an electric drivetrain).

Meanwhile, Audi CEO Gernot Döllner will fill the position of the Technical Development division.

The other key role will be held by the current CEO of Sauber Motorsport, Andreas Seidl, who was recently announced as CEO of the Audi Formula 1 Team. He will lead both the project and the team.

Seidl was previously the team principal of the McLaren Formula 1 team from 2019 until the end of 2022. One would assume he departed for Sauber to supervise the transition to Audi.

Jason Dela Cruz

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