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This tuned Toyota GR Yaris is pure supercar-beating insanity

The three-banger under the hood puts out 740hp

This unassuming GR Yaris has supercar performance underneath the hood. PHOTO FROM POWERTUNE AUSTRALIA

If you ever wondered how many horses you could possibly squeeze out of the tiny engine in the Toyota GR Yaris, then wonder no more. Thanks to the crazy people at Powertune Australia, we know that the answer to this question is currently “around 740hp.”

No, that’s not a typo. The company from down under has indeed managed to elevate this little fun mobile to the level of bona fide supercars, and we can only imagine what it must feel like to drive this pocket rocket.

Can you imagine a small three-banger putting out this much power? PHOTO FROM POWERTUNE AUSTRALIA

To achieve this drastic increase in power, engineers had to heavily revise the 1.6-liter engine, using a Garrett G30-770 turbocharger, a stronger head gasket, and an Akrapovič exhaust system. Added to this were a new intercooler, a bespoke turbo exhaust manifold, and a new Motec control unit.

New injectors, a bigger fuel pump, and different piping were also fitted to give this beast a fighting chance of not blowing up when the right pedal gets mashed into the floor.

The question now is: Will it reliably produce all that power for years to come? PHOTO FROM POWERTUNE AUSTRALIA

The standard GR Yaris gearbox might be great for a standard car, but the risk of it disintegrating was obviously too highso it was replaced with an X-shift six-speed sequential gear changer mated to a triple carbon clutch. A dyno printout posted by the firm on its Facebook page confirms a mind-bending 740.9hp for this machine.

Considering it still only weighs around 1,300kg, that should mean genuine supercar performance in the shape of a compact car. The new owner, a wealthy Australian businessman, is in for a whale of a time. Apparently, it will even make an appearance on a drag strip soon to figure out just how fast it really is.

Frank Schuengel

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